FLEX Seamless Follow Focus Gears

No secret, that many DSLR lenses make excellent picture and sell at affordable price. Though, unavailability of special gears makes it impossible to use them with professional video production equipment. Do you want to Turn Your Photo Lenses into Cinema Lenses? You can easily do it with the help of FLEX Seamless Follow Focus Gears! Side The gears fit well both manual and autofocus lenses! At the same time they look very harmonious! Canon 24-105 FLEX Seamless Follow Focus Gears are made of rigid polyurethane, that stretches a little bit, when you put the gear on. In this way, the gear firmly fits the lens. This is a very durable material, much more durable than plastic. This will let you use it during the whole service life of the lens! FS700 FLEX Seamless Follow Focus Gears have optimal size and minimum weight. The weight of the lens will practically not change, and you’ll get extra opportunities! Canon 70-200 2.8 is II


First of all, use the chart. If there’s no lens required, you can do your own measurements. The best way is to use calipers. If you haven’t got one, you can buy the cheapest plastic calipers for less than 1 USD. It will ease measurement process very much. More expensive tools have electronic scale for the sake of convenience. plastic calipers When making your order, type the name of the lens and the diameter you’ve measured and we’ll find the appropriate gear! If the gear didn’t suit (it can happen sometimes), please, contact us and we’ll solve this problem within the shortest possible time! Attention! Putting the gear on needs some effort. Be careful especially with plastic autofocus lenses! Put the gear on gradually, carefully moving it upon the lens. If for some reason this is not possible, you may be using the wrong size. Contact us and we’ll solve this problem!