Are you dreaming of a small budget wireless follow focus that can be used with your equipment without buying more expensive tools?

Here comes the first Wireless Follow Focus that can be attached directly to the lens.

When you’re in the indie or commercial filmmaking, sometimes you face the need for wireless follow focus, especially if you use jibs, sliders, gimbals or steadicams.

Helios One Wireless Follow Focus has been specially designed to be used with compact stabilizer systems. The motor unit mounts right on the lens with a help of a special belt that dramatically reduces the whole systems weight.



In case it is impossible to mount the follow focus on the lens due to its construction additional mounts will allow you to use Helios One on standard 15mm rods.

Helios One control is possible with the help of a smartphone (version for android is available now). Currently, a scalable control range is implemented to the application, as well as speed regulation, three memorized positions and the used lens parameter entry.

Another thing is that Rig mode is also realized in the application. That can be used when you attach a smartphone directly to the rig or gimbal while filming without focus puller.

We have designed a special remote control for a more precise focusing and more comfortable focus control. Two standard ¾’’ screwplug holes allow to fix it wherever it is convenient, with the help of Magic arm or Gorilla mount. The remote control uses 18350  standard batteries that makes it compact. On the other hand, energy-efficient Bluetooth transmitter ensures the device work for a long time.

Use of both remote control and smartphone combined.

For Helios One power supply Magnetic power connector is used. This ensures equipment protection from cable jerks and diminishes item’s size.

Motor unit together with belt weighs as little as 160g. You can always use Helios One with DSLR cameras even for compact stabilizing systems, while the possibility to mount follow focus from the different sides of the lens helps to set up the balance of the whole system.


  • -  installed directly on the lens (mounted on standard 15mm rods optional)
  • -  control via a smartphone + special remote control for greater convenience
  • -  motor + driver + transmitter all in one case
  • -  magnetic power connector
  • -  motor unit + special belt weigh 160 grams only
  • -  supports power supplies from 7.2v to 18v (5v optional)


169$ for the motor unit + special belt

139$ for the additional remote control

299$ for the both motor unit + remote control

We are about to launch a campaign on Kickstarter in the nearest future.

We want to make Helios One the best budget-friendly wireless follow focus in the market. If you have any requests, questions, or concerns, feel free to email us.


Share information about this project in your social media before starting sales on kickstarter, purchase Helios One wireless follow focus and you will get additional 5 FLEX seamless follow focus gears as a GIFT.